Cut Down on Your Laundry Expenses

Cut Down on Your Laundry Expenses

Purchase industrial laundry chemicals in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, SC and Other Coastal Areas

Diamond Soaps manufactures and sells industrial laundry chemicals to business owners and distributors in the Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC areas. Our laundry supplies provide a deep clean for an affordable price.

Have us install laundry chemical dispensers in your industrial or commercial facility. Our dispensers can be set to dispense the appropriate amount of chemicals, to keep your detergent and fabric softener costs to a minimum. We carry detergents, bleaches and fabric softeners that will leave your linens and uniforms spotless.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your commercial laundry detergent needs. We sell our chemical laundry products to hotels, nursing homes, restaurants and hospitals.

Check out the laundry supplies we supply

Diamond Soaps has over six years of experience manufacturing industrial laundry chemicals in Little River, South Carolina. Our laundry supplies are specially formulated to remove the toughest of stains.

•Booster HP: A premium laundry booster built to cut oil and grease. With well over a year's worth of research and development, has led us to the manufacturing of this product. It is one of a kind!

• Laundry Booster: An alkaline product with a high ph to allow your linen to release soils.

•Laundry: A mild detergent with high foaming surfactant to help suspend soils and effectively carry them down the drain.

•Oxygen Bleach: A high strength "color safe" bleach.

•Sour : proprietary blend of mild acids that will lower the "ph" and will not shorten the life of the linen.

•Sour/Softener: Fabric Softener blended with our sour to lower the "ph" and soften for your towels. We offer a premium and economy version.

•Chlorine Bleach: This bleach is "industrial" strength at 12.5 %

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