Don't Soil Your Resort's Reputation with Dirty Linens

Don't Soil Your Resort's Reputation with Dirty Linens

We provide commercial laundry products in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, SC and Other Coastal Areas

Diamond Soaps is pleased to offer a selection of laundry products for hotels and resorts that are sure to effectively and efficiently meet your linen needs. Not only do we sell the laundry products, we manufacture them in house and distribute them all the way up the Carolina coast from Charleston to Wilmington and inland. We can even customize our laundry products to fit your specifications.

Why trust your hotel laundry products with just any company? Call the experts at Diamond Soaps today at 843-424-2948!

3 reasons to buy specialty commercial laundry products for hotel linens:

It's no secret that hotel linens, sheets, and towels go through a rigorous lifecycle. Guests can be hard on them and they're subject to harsh stains and wear. The experts at Diamond Soaps have specialty laundry products that can help with the following:

  • Grease, oils, and tanning lotions that remain on towels and require special formulas to completely remove them
  • Towels and linens that have unremoved stains have to be thrown out or sent to a special facility - using our products can help reduce waste and excess spending
  • You can modify our products - we manufacture our products to fit your needs

What are you waiting for? Call Diamond Soaps at 843-424-2948 for your hotel laundry products in Myrtle Beach and Little River, SC as well as the surrounding areas.

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